Committee Members

Committee Members

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disorder that involves rapidly worsening muscle weakness. It is a recessive x-linked (passes mother to son) form of muscular dystrophy. It results in muscle degeneration, difficulty walking, breathing and ultimately death. The disorder is formed by a mutation in the dystrophin gene, causing the body to be unable to produce the protein.

Executive Board

Robert Capolongo


Joseph Orrico

Vice President

Deborah Genovese


Jane Cizin

Recording Secretary

Branka Cizin


Joseph Cristiano

Executive Director of Operations

Vincent Bamundo

Public Relations Coordinator

Antonio Coppola

Corporate Public Relations Liaison

Linda Petrocelli

Event Committee Chairwoman

Grace Como

Event Committee Chairwoman

Nicole O’Donnell

Event Committee Chairwoman


Theresa Capolongo


Lynelle Bamundo
Angelo Biscardi
Claria Biscardi
Joanne Cristiano
Sal DeSantis
Ivette Ferrino
James Keegan
Frank Leandro
Michelle LoMagno
Donna Martorelli
Nicole Orrico
Christopher Porcu
Michelle Petrocelli
Gina Runfola
Robert Savio
Frederick Trapp
Kristine Trapp
Nick Como
Jenna Como

Board of Ambassadors

Gerald Amerosi
Steven Ballaro
Vincent Campitiello
Craig Carter
Massimo DiDonna
Jeff Henick
Frank Lettera
Anthony O’Donnell
Paul Quattrocchi
George Rutigliano
Cory Schifter